Thursday, August 2, 2012

So I started this blog and just kind of forgot about it.  Being a mommy to a now 11 month old and an 11 year old can be a handful sometimes.  I also must admit to just being lazy a bit, I just kept wondering if it really was worth the time to maintain a blog.  I mean really, after baby goes to bed taking the time to type of blog posts and maintain everything that goes along with having a blog (Not that I know very much about it yet)!  As I sat playing a mindless game on Facebook last night I realized that I do have the time.  I mean really, if I can waste time with something that meaningless I can, and should, get this blog started.  I won’t always have the best grammar or spelling, and I may use to, too, and two in the wrong situations, but hey that is the reality of my life.  I’m just my thesis away from my Master’s in Library and Information systems but that doesn’t mean I am a brilliant writer.  Thank goodness for spellcheck or you would have a ton more typos.  =)

So I plan on making sure to get my rear in gear and will be ready with a post in the next couple days!

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