Monday, October 28, 2013

A nostalgic ramble.

There are certainly things I miss when I look back to my time with the LDS church. Fist of all the idea of family first and that families are forever is a very comforting thought. 

Then the way their social services are set up should be a model that the US govt stoves towards. Next is how surrounded with live you can feel from tout church when you have great leaders at the helm (guess that one could be true with any religion). 

I don't know. What I do believe  is that Jesus died on that cross for each if us. In the end isn't that what really matters?   I wish I didn't feel so alone sometimes tho.  I am doing better tho and do have some friends.  I am getting there but by but. With my amazing 3 kids and super amazing husband. 

Monday, October 21, 2013

Some things you should just keep you mouth closed about!

I have had a whirlwind time since my Josephine was born!  I will post more as I think of things and sort thru the pictures. One thing that has happened over the time REALLY sticks out in my mind.

Some people (trust me I know I lack this sometime) have ZERO clue about tact!  If you have a friend or family member who loses an animal be sympathetic.  Get them a card, tell tem you ate sorry, sponser a Lost Dog "adopt me" vest in their memory.  Each of those is acceptable depending on your level of familiarity, both with those who lost the pet and the animal. What you should never, ever, ever, ever ( especially when you know that this animal was a family member and like a child to those who lost them) is......

1) say "animals don't have souls" and comment about how they are just gone now!  (Go read that rainbow bridge poem, if you don't cry there is no way you will get this post anyway....)

2) tell them it was JUST a dog, cat, etc., and can get another one.

3)tell them they should not have put them to sleep. They have probably agonized over the decision, they don't need you to judge.

4) pretend like it didn't happen.

There are probably numerous more but one, or more, of these actually happened. The situation may make you uncomfortable or you may not understand how someone could feel that way about an animal.  Just express your sympathy and listen. Seriously keep the feeling of negativity about pets or "stupid" animals to yourself!

That pet may be just as important, or more, to that person then you are.  It may be hard to understand but it is true in many cases. I love my cats, probably not even 1/2 of the "total family member" person and I would be upset if someone made light of their death.

I write these on my phone so pardon grammar etc.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

What happens if both mon and dad die?

My husband and I have gone thru this as I am sure many patents do.  What happens to your kids if you both die in an accident?  Horrible to even think about it is something to consider. We raised up boba life insurance to quit a large amount so either me (if I lived) or our daughters new guardians could take care of them. My brother John and his with rise are the ones that we decided would raise our children if both bob and I die together.  It's one of those things I really pray never happen. But I do believe by sending our girls put to Oregon they may get a real loving home (with my crazy brother) don't worry rose can keep him in control.   :).   My oldest may have the "easiest" time of it as he will just switch to a full time life with and at his million dollar home.  I just hope the girls and spencer would still stay connected.....  Ajjjjj light night rblinf that actually means quite aot.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Change in directions a bit

Well it's been a super long time since I posted. I think I'm going to take a bit of a different direction here.  I post tons of stiff in Facebook but not everyone really wants those in depth updates. They want perhaps a cute picture or line about how things are going. What they don't really care about is how in depot I can sometimes be. So I am going to TRY posting my more in depth posts here for family and the friends who actually care more than just blurbs about my life.  I find it helpful to myself to write things out, it's kind of therapeutic for me. Now with two kids one of whom we got into her own bed luckily in time not to be jealous of the new one cosleping. One day we will get our bed back!'  Spencer is 12. Now and only comes I'm for family tickles or book time.  I love my kids and I love how close they are. I just wish we had a sitter who would come to my house that I trust with my kids. Maybe later when jojo is older. At 9 days she isn't leaving my side, go boba and moby carrier. Anyway just want to let you know it's still me trying to be better ecofocues on a budget but a lot more about my amazingly blessed family.  Two boys and three girls'. I get all the princess stuff!!!  I love pick, how lucky am I??

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